Karni Mata Temple in Denshok idiolize rats

Still, what a diverse planet Earth. On the one hand, it seems enormous, but on the other — those who travel a lot, with each ride it appears less and less. And there, we can say the law — no matter how much, did not travel, and the world is always a place where you still would not and did not see anything interesting. Here is a three-dimensional life turns out.Karni Mata Temple in Denshok idiolize rats 2

And those who think that everything is seen and been everywhere can offer an extraordinary place, which is located in India, in the Denshok sity. Some people called the eighth wonder of the world seen. And indeed, in the world, probably, it is difficult to even find a place to erect a temple in honor of the rats, and these animals are considered sacred there. This temple is called the Karni Mata, and it was built in the fourteenth — fifteenth centuries.
Karni Mata Temple in Denshok idiolize rats 3

The history of this temple is very interesting. And it starts with the fact that the Indian holy stepson Karni Mata — Lakhan trying to drink water from the pond, did not hold back on the bank, fell into the water and drowned. Carney’s mother for a long time mourned his death and desperately prayed to God to raise him Pit. But God did not heed her request. Then Karni Mata decided that her child and all the men of her family will never get to the god Yama, and after the death of the body will take the rat to the next birth to be born again people. In honor of Karni Mata and this extraordinary shrine was erected.
Karni Mata Temple in Denshok idiolize rats 4

As a general rule, difficult to find in India fans rats, but the temple Karni Mata was an exception. It decided that the gods given to change your body, and if so, why they can not be in the rat body. Thus, the locals are absolutely comfortable with the lawful inhabitants of the temple. Parishioners are fed, and very good. In the animals every day are containers with fresh milk. In general, the attitude towards rats really like the saints.
Karni Mata Temple in Denshok idiolize rats 5

I must say that to enter the temple should not be in the shoes. Therefore, those who have a little squeamish patient and like barefoot on the floor, along with the holy animals. It must be very careful, because if suddenly by chance you step on a rat, it will die, you will be immediately asked to buy and replace it with a gold or silver.