Moonlight desert of Wadi Rum

When planning your holidays in Jordan, each of us must remember that the relocation of the federal highway Amman — Aqaba will be held at the famous desert of Wadi Rum, which since June 2011, is listed in the famous World Heritage Site by Unesco.Moonlight desert of Wadi Rum 2

The beauty of this place is that its landscape, it resembles rather exotic paintings that various travelers differently from the lunar landscape and ending of the Martian desert. Although more objective assessment, many argue that the desert of Wadi Rum, like a desert, but in contrast to the Kara-Kum and sugar, not to mention the Gobi desert sand of a different color, and the size is too small number of 74 thousand hectares. It’s not hundreds of thousands of square kilometers.
Moonlight desert of Wadi Rum 3

It is also worth noting that in some places the desert of Wadi Rum proceeds from the desert into semi-desert, where there are semi-desert soils trees and small shrubs. In the Wadi Rum there are rock formations such as Mount Umm al-Dami, whose height is 1830 meters above sea level. No less remarkable is the fact that, in general, the landscape is not quite homogeneous structure. In the desert of Wadi Rum and present local canyons, dips and a small hill.
Moonlight desert of Wadi Rum 4

No less remarkable is the pre-historic monuments, which are present on the territory of the desert of Wadi Rum. On the rocky areas of the desert are the rock carvings, called petroglyphs, which once again confirms the presence of this person in the territory of the prehistoric, primitive era of human existence.
Moonlight desert of Wadi Rum 5

With this in mind, the journey through the desert of Wadi Rum may be only exploratory in nature, since the presence of a minimum number of animals and rather harsh climate does not allow a person not prepared to stay in Wadi Rum, or a long period of time. So, for all adventurers, there is, what to see and where to get on top of this historical region.