Ayla ruins is the ancient city of Islam

To date, the city itself Ayla unfortunately does not exist. The place where In the six years, was one of the largest cities in Asia, today is the center of modern Aqaba. It is worth noting that, according to many historical documents of Islay, which flourished during the time of King Solomon, was the original center of the intersection of trade routes in Africa, Asia, and Europe, as well as a holiday destination of pilgrims bound for Mecca.

Ayla ruins is the ancient city of Islam 2

Despite the fact that the excavation of the city began in the mid-eighteenth century, during which were discovered the ruins of ancient temples, residential and public buildings, and continuing today, and during which archaeologists discover new artifacts quite long existence of this city.

Ayla ruins is the ancient city of Islam 3

The shape of the ancient city itself is made according to the classical form of acceptance to the fortress, Islamic buildings of the time, in the form of a rectangle with a total area of over 25 thousand square meters. Ayla city walls were made of granite blocks whose thickness in some places reaches a half to two meters, which was enough to deter an enemy siege, since, according to archaeologists, their height can reach up to six to eight meters.

Ayla ruins is the ancient city of Islam 4

In addition, it is worth noting that in the ancient Isle was imposed fairly decent water supply, both for the needs of the residents and guests as well as for irrigation of crops. In this case, the water supply problem was solved by creating irrigation canals fed into the city water from lying near water sources and provides a large number of wells, often located in the courtyards of buildings of the city.

Ayla ruins is the ancient city of Islam 5

It is also worth noting that over the coming surprisingly, all carried out excavations of ancient Ayla is located almost in the middle of a modern city and its residential areas. So, traveling to Aqaba, Jordan, and in particular, do not apply to visit the ruins of the city.