The natural magnetism of the Yangshuo city

One of the most beautiful places on the planet, is the Yangshuo city. Coming back, you wonder how beautiful nature can be. High mountains, rivers that meander in the vast territory, the temples, which were built in ancient times, as well as caves. All this is not just to attract tourists, but also attracts them every time like a magnet, as to explore these places, it’s an amazing opportunity for every tourist.

The natural magnetism of the Yangshuo city 2

Most tourists come here from China, the Russian language is virtually inaudible. The Yangshuo city is not only a tourist town, but what is surprising is that there is much quieter and calmer than in other Chinese cities. In addition, the life here is calm and the air can even be called perfect.

The natural magnetism of the Yangshuo city 3

The city has everything in order to live in peace. That is, there are shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as accommodation for all tastes and colors as they say. But here, the majority of tourists traveling not in order to visit the store and buy something. People go just for the beautiful and wonderful this is nature.

The natural magnetism of the Yangshuo city 4

Tourists love to explore the city by bike, as the neighborhood is best viewed in that light. Also, you can go climbing, this is you can train for a few days. That is, a few days you’ll know the original course. Also, for those who love to swim the river, you can go down the river on a raft. If you get to the south side of the Yangshuo city, you can see the beautiful moon hill. Its name is because it has an arch, which is created by nature, and this arch resembles the moon.

The natural magnetism of the Yangshuo city 5

That is to say that, having arrived in Yangshuo, you can see the beauty of nature and the pristine beauty, which is so little in our world. Explore this Chinese town strives to virtually anyone who is just manages and who knows, maybe after some time, we learn something else new and interesting.