Sacred to every Muslim Mountain Shalbuzdag

In Dagestan, there are many interesting places and one of them is a mountain Shalbuzdag. Its height is 4142 meters. At the top, not so much snow, but it’s not just the mountain, but all the mountains that are here.

Sacred to every Muslim Mountain Shalbuzdag 2

This mountain, for centuries considered a sacred mountain to the Muslim people, and this place is a place of pilgrimage. Muslims flock here from all over Russia and abroad. The difference between this mountain is that it stands alone as if separated from the others. It is thanks to this arrangement, the mountain gives the impression that it is the highest peak, in this part of Dagestan. Although the neighboring mountains that are near, actually higher Shalbuzdag. What’s interesting is that its correct form, a bit reminiscent of the shape of the volcano.

Sacred to every Muslim Mountain Shalbuzdag 3

If you get to the top of the mountain, but with a professional guide, you will see an amazing and extraordinary panorama of the eastern part of the Caucasus mountain range. If the weather is sunny, you can see the ice «cap» of some mountains. Below, you can see the Samur River and its many villages that are surrounded by greenery.

Sacred to every Muslim Mountain Shalbuzdag 4

In addition, in Dagestan there are plenty of attractions. That is, it Itsarinskaya tower, which was once a defensive object. It dates back to the 14th century. Also, there is a place, which is called the cave Durk. Now it can be seen only a few rooms, but as scientists say, there were many more, but they were covered by an earthquake. To get there, you need to climb the wooden stairs.

Sacred to every Muslim Mountain Shalbuzdag 5

In addition, there are mineral springs, memorials and monuments, etc. That is, the place is very interesting and everyone who comes here, I want to learn more about what the story was here. Our people have always been curious, what if they can find something that scientists have not yet seen.