Restoring the city of Kep

Foreign countries have always been attracted by the fact that it has a lot of interesting and not fully identified places. It is in this place today is the city of Kep. It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand to Cambodia.

Restoring the city of Kep 2

With 19,080 years, the city considered the most visited since it loved by tourists, especially French. He won a celebrity because he had beautiful sandy beaches, amazing restaurants, and sea food. Unfortunately, due to the fact that there was a civil war, it was destroyed and wiped from the old beauty and just nothing left.

Restoring the city of Kep 3

Currently, the population is 36 thousand people. After a long war, he gradually begins to gain momentum, and already some tourists, almost safely go to rest. They especially like this dish, like crabs. If you drive on the road, you can see many mansions that were destroyed. But the city is beginning to rise from the ashes., So tours to Cambodia now becoming popular.

Restoring the city of Kep 4

By the way, locals recently launched such a product in demand, as the durian. It is, of course, specific and not everyone can understand what it is and what it is used, but still, buy it. Its flesh is tender enough, but the smell is so disgusting that even not everyone can stand it.

Restoring the city of Kep 5

There is another very interesting monument, which was once dedicated to a woman who was waiting for her fisherman from the sea. This monument, each time coming not only visitors, but also those who live here. Also, the glory of black pepper has spread to many centuries. In the market it very much and that is the good that the price for it is very small. So this city is worth a visit, to see not only the beauty, but also help revive the city from the ruins.