Bridges, who is building the nature

If you, for once, someone will say that the bridge can be built without the help of man, you would not believe it. But this is true in this case, you will be able to see for themselves in the Indian city of Cherrapunji.

Bridges who is building the nature 2

Cherrapunji is probably the wettest city, which only can be found on the ground. It bridges simply do not need to build as they grow themselves. Yes, it is growing, you are not heard. Of course, bridges do not grow up in the city and in hidden valleys where rain runs almost every day. For example, take the lowlands and the mountains Janta Hasi, is growing ficus rubber. Once the soldiers Khasis drew attention to the fact that with the help of the tree, it is easy to cross the river in the area. And so, now, if you want to create a crossing, they just grow bridges.

Bridges who is building the nature 3

At first glance, it seems that it’s ridiculous, but there is a special technique to grow the bridge. That is, take a few tree trunks, it is desirable that it was cut and long hazel rods. They are thrown across the river at the spot where it is needed, and for them, to these twigs, they go, young roots of ficus rubber. Once the roots reach the other side, they are strengthened in the earth. To bridge was fully fit, it must be at least 15 years.

Bridges who is building the nature 4

Of course, each building takes time, but some bridges there are already more than 500 years and it is proven fact. You agree that bridges are built of iron and concrete, over time, become less stable and stronger, but those wooden, on the contrary, only growing stronger with each passing year.

Bridges who is building the nature 5

Especially interesting is the double bridge, which is called «Umshiang.» It is the only such a bridge to the world. This you will not see in any country of the world, because to visit such a place should be your goal for the near future.