Poetic Garden Rikugien in Tokyo

Tokyo unusual city in all respects, on the one hand is the desire to be close to European standards throughout, but his loyalty to the traditions of the other. Honoring the roots strongly in the people of Japan. The Japanese, as no other people tend to respect the traditions and do all of the old rules of their ancestors. Manifestations of this trend can be seen in everything – style clothing, appearance, relationships between men and women, and cooking.

Poetic Garden Rikugien in Tokyo 2

But not so does not convey the spirit of these people, their poetry. Full of hidden philosophy and washed away that little read, it must be experienced. The special style of composition of poetry does not only understanding, but also the addition of verses is not a simple exercise, but to enjoy the sound of the verse can be long. Adhering to this principle, in Japan it was established garden where you can enjoy not only the appearance of plants, but also get aesthetic pleasure from reading poems by Sakura.

Poetic Garden Rikugien in Tokyo 3

Not that it’s not mesmerizing as tree branches, decorated with a scattering of white or slightly pinkish flowers that bloom every spring cherry. And to enjoy the spectacle in the gardens of Tokyo, tourists come not only from other countries but also of the country itself, as the gardens bloom at this time of the year has become a kind of calling card in Japan. The special design of the gardens, the splendor of the plants presented leaves no one indifferent.

Poetic Garden Rikugien in Tokyo 4

And not only the dignity of the garden plants are Rikugien, here lives the mass variety of animals that make the garden look like a paradise, and to be here, prefer the inhabitants of a megacity, as well as his guests. Among the animals you can list turtles and carp that live in local, artificial lakes, on the branches of trees, of which there are about 6,000 birds build their nests. The design employs designers trees, so their trunks have an unusual shape.

Poetic Garden Rikugien in Tokyo 5

Garden «Rikugien», as well as the park Kiyosumi-Teien, gave the city patron Hisayya, heir to the founder of the corporation «Mitsubishi», which his family owned for over 300 years. They also founded the local public library stores works of art of the East.