Male is the capital of the island

Surprisingly, the largest city in the Republic of Maldives — Male, refers to the smallest capitals in the world. He deserved this title due to its small dimensions. The city is located on the ocean and the island belongs to the Maldives archipelago. The total area of the city is less than 2 square kilometers, but the capital city is densely populated.

Male is the capital of the island 2

Male City is developing rapidly, the island is almost completely built up and constantly being built new modern houses. That though is to increase the area of the capital authorities have resorted to the restoration of the land. Because of this, the island was doubled in size. In order to reduce the pressure on the city, the authorities resorted to a certain tricks of the services and facilities were placed on the neighboring islands, such as the airport and poultry.

Male is the capital of the island 3

Like all the capital, Malé is the economic, political and cultural center of the whole republic. It is also often called the city Sultanov, since all the royal dynasties ruled the Maldives is here. For all the attributes characteristic Male eastern city, several mosques, a big market, exotic cuisine, and many souvenirs shops.

Male is the capital of the island 4

Due to the constant influx of tourists the population of the capital of the Republic of Maldives increased more than one and a half times. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of the Sultan Park and visit the National Museum. There is an amazing fish market where fishermen share their art and the Singapore market, with many shops selling handicrafts.

Male is the capital of the island 5

The hotel offers its visitors its own program. You can go on a little trip around the archipelago by boat or limited entertainment such as windsurfing, water skiing and catamaran. On the eastern side there is an artificial beach that is loved not only by locals but vacationers.