The main port and the city of Kobe

A major Japanese city of Kobe, while the port through which international trade is carried out. The main difference is that in the 19th century it was the only city in Japan, where foreigners were allowed to call.

The main port and the city of Kobe 2

Tourists who come here will be able to learn and see a lot of interesting. The city has a wide variety of attractions. Island Port Island, Castle of the White Heron, the tomb Minatodzava, Kobe Port Tower, Bridge Akashi Kaikyo Bridge are a unique architectural art. Lovers of cultural activities can visit the museum of Chinese and Japanese art, Takenaka Carpentry tools, as well as a memorial park Meriken.

The main port and the city of Kobe 3

Representatives of ecotourism like hot springs, mountain Rocco Santo Nunobiki Habuen, it’s a herb garden and other attractions. The name translates as the Temple of Kobe, which is not surprising because the city is very honored main shrine Ikuta Shinto shrines and Minatogawa. Development of the city of Kobe, except that it is one of the main ports of Japan, it is also a manufacturing center.

The main port and the city of Kobe 4

Kobe launched production of equipment and food. The most famous town made famous in the whole world a local beef. Periodic typhoons or earthquakes happen often, but the past in 1995 an earthquake caused serious damage to the city, but it managed to recover fully.

The main port and the city of Kobe 5

Japan is quite an expensive country, and Kobe, and one of the most expensive cities not only in the country but in the world. Despite the fact that only here managed to reduce the price of the minimum consumer basket, it is still prohibitive. For example, the cost of a kilogram of rice is hovering around 9.3 dollars, a dozen eggs cost 3.1 dollar. Going to the movies in Kobe will cost no less than 20.8 dollars.