Hanging restaurant Fangweng

For many of our fellow travelers in different countries of the world, there is no finding that the vast majority of restaurants in the world is no longer a place exclusively organized meals as possible after receiving it alone does not do the dishes, as is customary in our home.Hanging restaurant Fangweng 2


Restaurants have probably since its inception become a so-called restaurant art, where the basis of a visit to the restaurant aims to evaluate the imagination and talent, the same chef in the preparation of any specialty. Or otherwise evaluate the internal environment and the architecture of a catering. Or, in the absence of, any culinary delights to rate this game and acting invited actors or entire teams. Or at best have all these pleasures of life in one place.

Hanging restaurant Fangweng 3

And example of this restaurant art in the world has quite a lot. And here you can start with the domestic giants such as the same capital «Metropol» and «Aragvi». Paris is not inferior in this respect to its «Maxim» and the variety show «Moulin Rouge». But go on is pointless, because each of us a few different tastes, attitudes and preferences, and not only in the field of architecture and pop art, but the same cooking.

Hanging restaurant Fangweng 4

Taking into account the views of just such problems did everything restaurants and owners of Chinese restaurants hanging Fangweng, that is, above the bed of the great Yangtze River, in the small town of Yichang, Hubei Province. And if we talk about the restaurant’s location in more detail, it really is located directly above the bed of the great Chinese river.

Hanging restaurant Fangweng 5

Placed almost on a cliff, restaurant Fangweng, just hangs over its direction. It is worth noting that to get into this catering business just is not straightforward. To do this, at least, get some courage to go on the suspension bridge sway a little, not only on your steps, but also on the blowing wind here.