Indian frog weddings

As it is known, the evolution of the humankind is closely connected to the climate or, in other words, weather conditions. Nowadays we are able to forecast the weather on the basis of both – the multiyear experience of observing the nature and of so-called ethnoscience that sometimes is more truthful than meteorological weather forecasts.

Indian frog weddings 2

Such close attention to the weather conditions nowadays and previously is explained by the fact that the weather factor is substantial for the economic position of the region. Good examples are the recent floods in China as a result of lasting torrential rains or extraordinary drought in Ethiopia that almost destroyed the grain yield. These examples show the significant influence of the weather conditions on these or that processes, connected with the economy of the society.

Indian frog weddings 3

To a great extent our predecessors followed weatherlores that sometimes may be quite funny, e.g. «Thunder in September brings warm autumn», or «If crows ruffle up, the weather will be nasty; and if sparrows swash in puddles, it’ll be sunny». Some nationalities came further and tried to change the weather with various incantations and strange ceremonies.

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Particularly, in the Belorusian Polesie was a ceremony to summon rains. The essence of this ceremony was mourning of the mythical creature Makarka, which has drowned in one of the local lakes as the legend goes. So to summon the rain, the people stroked the water in a well with sticks to the accompaniment of crying women that asked Makarka for some rain.

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But the most exotic ceremony exists in many Indian states. To receive fertile rain people from the whole village were organizing mass frog weddings.