Clear House in Tokyo

House NA from the firm Sou Fujimoto Architects, dedicated to the development of architecture design belongs to one of the most unique projects that can be found in the world. Located on a side street not very large in a fairly busy and prestigious Tokyo, a house with an area of eighty-five square meters, consists of twenty-one separate locations section, each of which has from two to seven and a half square meters.

Clear House in Tokyo 2

Readiness of the project was a perfect clear walls of the house from the outside. Excessive openness in design has become a basic requirement of every customer, young couples without children. The composition structure comprises corrugated steel plate having a thickness of one inch as a deck, as well as solid rays rectangular assembled together.

Clear House in Tokyo 3

Different levels connects a variety of assortment of stairs, is in addition to not very long periods of wooden steps. Each element and the transition is mixed, and gradually flow into each other, whether it is a wooden staircase, bookshelves, or flooring made of birch white.

Clear House in Tokyo 4

Along with the fantastic photos of the famous photographer Ivan Baan, everywhere there is a walk to the video, so bewitching clear house. The structure of steel structures with the white shade like a tree. You can watch a predisposition to the ancestors of ancient times, who lived in the trees. That is the existence between the city, architecture, furniture and body similar to the interaction between nature and art

Clear House in Tokyo 5

This clear house, which resembles a set of boxes of glass or large objects such as furniture, however, is quite satisfied customer, who wished to walk around the house, where no one room is not given a specific function.