Rest on Issyk-Kul

If you prefer leisure by your pocket, and regardless of its thickness, you can safely choose a holiday in Issyk-Kul. Regardless of your financial situation, everyone will find a cozy place and proper level of service.

Why rest on Issyk-Kul?

Firstly, the beautiful sea and excellent weather, which makes the rest in Issyk-Kul very pleasant. Secondly, regardless of your status, you will be able to choose a suitable place for recreation. Oligarchs, just rich people, students, families, newlyweds, children — everyone sees their advantages in this place. If you have a small income, you can rent a small house on the coast, where you will be provided only to yourself. And if finances permit, then boldly rent a room in a hotel where you will be taken care of.

Family couples are offered a large selection of sanatoriums and hotels. Many hotels are ready to provide discounts and make concessions. For example, a bed can be added to the room and a children’s menu can be offered. Of course, this approach «bribes» parents, and they choose beneficial offers. The fact is that the competition among hotels is great, and everyone is interested in visitors.

Climate and entertainment

The climate in Issyk-Kul deserves special attention. There is no sharp temperature difference, there is an excellent coast, where you can relax, there is no hard heat, and acclimatization is easy. Cool nights and warm evenings perfectly influence the body and allow it to relax after an active day.

Even during the Soviet Union, a lot of entertainment was concentrated here. However, today leisure has become more diverse, and hotel owners are not lagging behind the trend. As a result, popular hotels built many water parks, hills, submarines, attractions, swimming pools, tennis courts, sports grounds and other entertainment complexes. Everyone will find something to do and usefully spend time. Tourism in Issyk-Kul has always been very popular, so we recommend you to visit this wonderful place.