Travel to India promises tourists many surprises. Here you can admire the neighborhoods with luxury houses and immediately look at the frightening wretchedness of the slums. Agra in this regard is no exception. The city is amazing and diverse, welcome to India!

The Legacy of the Mughals – Agra

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Back in the 15th century, the city of Agra was known only as the capital of the ruler of the Great Moguls. A large city with amazing buildings and structures, which to this day excite the imagination of modern architects and delight in today’s builders. Agra is the city in which you are constantly surprised at the scale of construction and genius of ancient architects. There is nothing superfluous, everything is interconnected in one grandiose complex.

Planning a summer vacation in India, we strongly recommend visiting the sights of Agra, especially since the best of its kinds and so on will necessarily be imprinted on you on tickets or a brochure of a travel agency.

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Your journey through Asia without visiting the Taj Mahal is like a meal without dessert. Today Agra is a huge metropolis with numerous industrial sites and strong gas pollution and other delights of modern civilization, but take a few steps away and before you will discover the real pearls of Asia — the legacy of the Great Mogul dynasty. Even in Delhi do not find so many unique architectural monuments, as here in Agra.

How to get there?

The city is located on the banks of the Yamuna River, and many of the attractions of Agra are concentrated just near the water. Interesting places in Asia, which, first of all, includes this city with its unique history of the Golden Age of the Great Moguls, make modern people think about the grandiose nature of the original plans and the scale of the embodiment of ideas.

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The traveler must definitely visit Agra, where you can get from Delhi by train «Shatabdi Express.» In two hours you will be already in place, sends the train at 6 am from the station New Delhi Station, and back he goes at 20:40. There is also Taj Expert, which has a journey time of 3 hours, it is also possible to arrive there in the morning and depart for Delhi in the evening. Thanks to the successful geographical location of Agra, all trains going to Mumbai, Calcutta and Gwalior go through this city. There are also bus services, taxis and custom group tours, the cost of which already includes the price of tickets to local attractions.