Journey through Asia: the Chinese village of Yushan

Those who believe that the terrible road home — it’s dark night alleys with dim lights, is very much mistaken. And if there is no fear of heights, then you can safely go on a trip to Asia and visit the Chinese village of Yushan.

Scary road home does not scare residents of the village of Yushan

For fans who tickle their nerves, there is an opportunity to visit this place, making a trip to Asia. This entertainment will be just, as to get to this place you can only overcome one merry attraction — a cable trail with a length of one thousand meters. And down the stunning views of the 400-meter-high abyss!

Journey through Asia the Chinese village of Yushan 2

This path, along which villagers go on a journey every day, causes dizziness in everyone who sees it for the first time. This awesome road to the outside world was built about 16 years ago. Previously, residents of Yushan spent many days to go to the neighboring village. Now it can be done easier and faster. A small shaking cubicle, sliding at the height of 4 football fields, whistles to the destination!

No insurance and high technology

Such concepts as insurance and high technologies are unknown and, moreover, are not used here, so fearless tourists and travelers have to hope and completely entrust their lives with the strength of the ropes. All the works on repair and maintenance are performed by a brave man in every sense named Zhang Xinjian.

He checks the condition of the ropes, as well as the booth itself, which is called the funicular. They are regularly inspected by the engine, and the ropes are lubricated by a special oil composition. The apparition of this miracle device in action is also engaged in Zhang. Surely this man, as well as the rest of the villagers, is not afraid of heights. This is what kind of steel nerves you need to have to make such daily flights!

Journey through Asia the Chinese village of Yushan 3

Such and many other interesting places in Asia are a curiosity, and local residents have long been accustomed to all this. And the extreme ropeway stretched between the gorges, over the river and forests, does not cause wild horror. And even, on the contrary, in a steel booth a meter, a meter, smiling, children ride and carry various loads. For them, this is a common thing, a much more terrible journey, walking through the jungle for two days. Moreover, the vigilant local resident Zhang Xinjian follows everything.