Teletskoye Lake

The main problem of the modern world is not so much a limited amount of hydrocarbon reserves, but a banal lack of fresh, drinking water. Baikal, Teletskoye Lake — these natural reservoirs of the purest water are the true wealth of today’s Russia.

Pearl of Altai: Teletskoye Lake

Teletskoye Lake 2

Mountainous Altai, its north-east — it is here that the unique Teletskoye Lake is located. Its runoff refers to the basin of the Russian river Ob. The surface dimensions of the lake are not particularly impressive — its length is a little under 80 km, and the maximum width is only five kilometers, an area about 223 square kilometers.

But, despite this fact, thanks to great depths — Teletskoe Lake is one of the five deepest Russian lakes — the volume of the purest natural drinking water of this reservoir is very, very impressive. As much as forty cubic kilometers! But in a cubic kilometer there are ten billion liters, just imagine such an amount! Interesting places in Altai are something!

Teletskoye Lake 3

The main source of filling the Teletskoye Lake with water is the mountain rivers and streams, in total more than two hundred of them flow. But the main volume of water brings the Chulyshman River flowing into the lake from the south. Among the rivers feeding the lake there is also a stream forming the famous Corbu waterfall. In this part the lake has the greatest depths — up to 325 meters. In this place, you could completely drown the Eiffel Tower, because even with a new antenna its height is 324 meters …

Mecca of active tourism

But the beauty of Teletskoye Lake is not only, but more correctly, not so much its volume. The masses of tourists who like active rest, attract the natural beauty of the lake and its environs, the opportunity to make a trip not on any superliner, but on your own two or on horseback. Beautiful landscapes — where there is your Alps with the Pyrenees, the cleanest air, various routes.

Teletskoye Lake 4

Not only the group routes, such as the Golden Ring of Altai, pass through the area the Teletskoye Lake, but individual tours and «green tourism», which is gaining popularity all over the world, are already developed here. These places are suitable not only for those who travel, studying more and more interesting facts, but also for those who just want to quietly enjoy the beauties of these places and clean air. In the area the northern extremity of the lake, there is a fairly developed infrastructure for receiving and providing tourists. However, it is worth remembering — the water of the Teletskoye Lake is very cool, and you will not find relaxing bathing here.