Mysterious Thailand

Holiday in Thailand every year is gaining more and more popularity. What is it that attracts tourists this extraordinary place? Thailand just attracts by what is extraordinary. This country is able to interest not only experienced, but also novice travelers.

Unusual Thailand

Mysterious Thailand 2

Firstly, Thailand is a country of beaches. It’s no secret that the beaches here are some of the best in the world. Beautiful scenery of sea coasts, turquoise water with white sandy beaches, tropical trees — this is really what can attract any tourist. Thailand is famous for its islands. The most beautiful of them are Phuket, Koh Lipe, Koh Lipe. Going to this country, everyone can choose for themselves their island of dreams and delights, because each of them is unique and in its own way beautiful and unusual.

Another feature is Thai cuisine. It is very piquant, diverse and very exotic. Fruits of Thailand and various seemingly incompatible ingredients of dishes, will certainly make you wonder. Come here to try Thai dishes — this is really what everyone needs to do.

Mysterious Thailand 3

Diving and other entertainment

And of course, doing the rest in Thailand, how not to enjoy diving. The coastal waters of Thailand are considered an ideal place to explore the underwater world, coral reefs and tropical fish. In addition, the sights in the country are literally at every step — both natural and cultural-historical. In the wild jungle and tropical forests, there are ancient caves and ruins of Lopburi and Ayutthaya.

Also, Thailand can become a favorite place for lovers of vibrant nightlife, because in Tae, with the onset of darkness, time of entertainment and noisy rest begins. Would like this country and lovers of shopping. The country is distinguished by a multitude of markets and shops. A variety of products are sold at very attractive prices, which can not but please visiting tourists.

Mysterious Thailand 4

The capital of Bangkok has gathered in itself all the sides of the country. It is a business and cultural center, as well as a world of commerce and entertainment. This country is suitable for both single trips and for the whole family. A huge number of hotels, water parks, recreation areas, developed infrastructure — all this makes rest simple and economical. Thailand is an amazing country in which every traveler can enjoy an excellent rest and find something new and interesting for himself.