The world’s fastest elevators in Taipei 101

Taipei 101 is located in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. It is not only the tallest building in the country in height, but also it has become a landmark for the investment practices of the state. The official name of the skyscraper, today sounds like the Taipei Financial Center. In the building 101 floors and a height of 509.2 meters with a spire.

The worlds fastest elevators in Taipei 101 2

If you come to the country, then it is necessary to visit the skyscraper, as it is possible to see a lot of interesting and exciting. For example, on the first floors of shopping malls are located, and on the highest floors are offices. To date, this skyscraper is the fifth largest among all the tallest buildings in the world.

The worlds fastest elevators in Taipei 101 3

Construction of this building began as planned in 1999 and lasted four years. Since the official opening of the skyscraper it was in November 2003. And in the end of December 2003 the building was put into operation. Cost of construction is 1.7 billion dollars. The most interesting thing in this building that is home to the world’s fastest elevators, which have a unique opportunity to get up at a speed of 60.6 kilometers per hour. If you can not believe, you can easily believe the witnesses, as they say, that from the fifth floor to the 86 floor can be reached in 39 seconds, and it’s incredible.
The worlds fastest elevators in Taipei 101 4

The building was constructed from materials such as glass, steel and aluminum. To be reliable construction, it supports the concrete supports 380, each of which goes to 80 meters into the ground. It is also important that in order for the building in any case did not fall or damage during the earthquake, there is a special pendulum in the form of a ball. That he is balancing all the errors that may occur, such as an earthquake.

The worlds fastest elevators in Taipei 101 5

Taipei 101 building is quite interesting and attractive, especially for unusual people. That is, for example, in 2004 the building was able to climb Alain Robber, who is known as spider man. So once in a lifetime a skyscraper worth seeing.