Feng Shui. Harmony in the home, peace in the soul

Translated from the Chinese Feng Shui means «wind-water», is a new direction in the Taoist practice of symbolic determination of your surroundings. Feng Shui is divided into two parts: the first – the interior of your home, the second – the invisible spirits. According to the stories of the Chinese, you can use the attraction of unseen forces to improve family well-being in the house, as well as to predict the course of events.

Feng Shui. Harmony in the home peace in the soul 2

But the most important thing is to achieve harmony with nature. The basic principles are simple, but cause a lot of incorrect assumptions in the layman. Consider a few misconceptions about the state of things in the house.

Feng Shui. Harmony in the home peace in the soul 3

They say that the more a house of mirrors hang, the more well-being. But this is not the case. According to Feng Shui mirrors must be placed so that he could look out of need, not so that they surround you everywhere. And bring extra income to help with a small corner of a mirror, which must issue an expert. The bad situation for your home to be a mirror opposite the entrance, a large mirrored wardrobe or ceiling.

Feng Shui. Harmony in the home peace in the soul 4

As for the plants, it is best to furnish the apartment with fresh flowers than artificial. Moreover, the plants must be healthy, if they are not, give them to someone (they suddenly come to life in a different environment). The spines on cacti collect negative energy, so in any case it is impossible to put them near the computer or bed, as reflecting the cactus will amaze its owner. The best place for a prickly plant – a window sill, let protects your home.

Feng Shui. Harmony in the home peace in the soul 5

Dry plants are not recommended to keep in the apartment, but sometimes they are useful. Masters of Feng Shui can help to remove the risk associated with the placement of rooms and their color scheme. A climbing plants will help to get rid of negative energy in the corners. Well, bonsai tree, too, can not be kept in an apartment, so it is grown by a growth inhibitor and is subsequently negative information.