Grandchildren cannibals. Port Moresby

Port Moresby, which is located in the east of New Guinea, is the most dangerous capital. And all because, looking from a height, the city is almost unremarkable, ordinary would like. But as soon as you find yourself in the city, you realize that he was in hell.

Grandchildren cannibals. Port Moresby 2

The city is not just scary, but we can say dangerous. Since there is a large number of slums and garbage, which can be found at every turn. Although there has its own government and the president, there are too many bands that can say and own the whole city. Ordinary man, but just a tourist carriageway, there better not be late. This place can be compared to the prison, which was a simple man. There are people who for years are already sitting, and who have their own laws.

Grandchildren cannibals. Port Moresby 3

It can easily kill a human being, only in order to put food (this is on the outskirts of the city). If you get into the city center, there can only be killed because they have nothing to do, because there are virtually no work. The worst thing is that the killers are not punished because the authorities either bribed or intimidated to death.

Grandchildren cannibals. Port Moresby 4

So if you decide to travel to the city of Port Moresby, you can imagine, not realizing sign a death sentence. Of course, many write that the city is beautiful, etc. But it’s all for there were plenty of tourists. But what is the point to attract tourists to their city, if it is unsafe. I can even say directly life-threatening. It seems that the locals either have to flee, or to work on one of the gangs. And the other way they just can not be.

Grandchildren cannibals. Port Moresby 5

So, this city of cannibals can rightly be called not only the worst, but also very dangerous for the life of any person. Even someone who was born and raised here. It is terrible even to think that coming to a city, you have to be constantly on the alert and to turn around in order to stay alive. This is not an action taken by a feeling that no one wish, even his own enemy.