Maydzhishan temple in Gansu

What is China and how much more he can keep secrets. So the question is given by almost everyone who has ever interested in his story. In Gansu Province, has an unrivaled temple, which consists of a 194-x-grottos caves, which are in turn located inside a hill. If this count is a total of 7200 in the temple is the Buddhist sculptures and approximately 1,000 square meters of frescoes.

Maydzhishan temple in Gansu 2

Construction of the temple which is called Maydzhishan started in 4-5 century AD. But archaeologists have discovered it and, of course, examined only in the middle of the last century – just the location of the object has been chosen very well.

Maydzhishan temple in Gansu 3

Located temple a few kilometers from the Silk Road, which is known all around the world. Due to the fact that at this point an earthquake, it is a frequent occurrence, the temple and the area became a bit unstable. But, despite this, the Chinese authorities try to maintain at least what’s left, or rather the external side of the temple. So take, for example, ladders, which were made of wood, is now replaced by iron.

Maydzhishan temple in Gansu 4

Unfortunately, permanent earthquake strongly affected the temple, and now only the front part remained untouched. Of course, thanks to the government, it is constantly being restored, but how long it will last, nobody knows. For tourists, the bottom was lined city souvenirs, where you can buy almost everything from statues and pictures with names ending with the great monks, etc.

Maydzhishan temple in Gansu 5

On the mountain, yet retained the most ancient statues that once produced by Indian craftsmen. There are also statues that were made by the Chinese themselves. They are quite easy to distinguish not only to quality, but also on the performance style. Gore still keeps the faith not only monks, but also the spirit that no one can break. We hope that Maydzhishan temple will stand for a long time, and we did not lose him forever.