White Temple Wat Rong Khum

«Wat Rong Khum», more known in Europe as the «White Temple» is a unique Buddhist temple, located in the northern part of Thailand. The temple is still under construction, but every year it is visited by millions of foreign tourists and Thais themselves who wish to enjoy its beauty and grandeur. There, in the temple, you can see how hard and harmoniously connected to the age-old tradition of Buddhist and contemporary art.

White Temple Wat Rong Khum 2

Construction of the temple began one of the famous Thai Kositpipat family brothers in the distant 1997. Being a successful artist, he spent 20 years selling his paintings and set aside money to realize his dream into reality. As a matter of principle he did not, and still does not accept any sponsorship.

White Temple Wat Rong Khum 3

His brother, an engineer by profession, manages the construction process of this miracle. In the project, the brothers want to build a complex of nine objects. It is calculated that for its completion must be at least another 90 years. Advance understanding that the brothers themselves are not direct its construction until the end, Chalermchai Kositpipat conveys his ideas 60 Students who have to bring the construction to end.

White Temple Wat Rong Khum 4

White Temple all its parts symbolizes the Buddha and his teachings. His dazzling white color symbolizes the spiritual purity of the Buddha, and the images of a plurality of patterned parts – its complex and difficult path to Nirvana. Disseminated in the wall pieces of mirror fragments, giving an unreal divine light, make it air and the air, symbolizing the light of the teachings. The temple presents numerous paintings and images symbolizing the good and evil of this world. Near the temple is a pond with white fish, which is spanned by a bridge leading to paradise, ie in the Temple itself.

White Temple Wat Rong Khum 5

Multiple Sculpture-sufferers sinners with arms outstretched from his hell pray for opportunities to enter this paradise. In the temple, as in any museum, there are warning signs (smoke-free and alcohol), but here they are made in his own inimitable style.