Funny signs in Russian border in China

A peculiar phenomenon was a band with Russia in China in the border zone. If coming in from Russia, on the one hand you can be in foreign countries, with a second comfortable as at home all is clear, all Russian know. When returning from China, it does not give an absolute joy that it is not Russia and not China, not to understand that.

Funny signs in Russian border in China 2

They consist in the band Manchuria, Heyhe – the city of Blagoveshchensk on the other hand, close to the Primorye Suifenhe, Dongning and so on. The most interesting is the fact that departed almost twenty – thirty kilometers in depth of the country, there was nothing that you will not notice, everywhere will be the real China, not the one that created for shuttles from Russia. There is already a much smaller number of citizens through.

Funny signs in Russian border in China 3

Since the residents of China, residing at Russia, are often dealing with the Russians on the work and not just to compose the various names of Russian origin. Saying lives of some, Sam Sun Canaanites, and the Russian compatriots seem like Basil, and Stepan. Signboards in Russian, it is probably the biggest attraction of the border towns. Taking photos with possible errors in these signs is no space on the memory card will not be enough. But the real masterpieces can be seen among them. Sometimes, it may seem that the Chinese are specially written so clumsily, to bring a sense of fun Russian, and thus attract them to their shops.

Funny signs in Russian border in China 4

For the comfort of the restaurant with a multilingual profile, its owners decided to translate into Russian the names of dishes, all came with great absurdity and laughter. Such dishes are even scared to try, did not immediately realize that thought to bring tourists to Asian friends, and in general, will be pleased if Russian visitors to this restaurant.

Funny signs in Russian border in China 5

The pharmacy of China, near the preparations hung plaques that describe its action in a funny and absurd forms. It turns out pretty funny, and laughter, as we know, can extend the period of life. Thanks people of China for it.