Aqaba is the best place to find

According to many who have already visited Jordan, the best option in this country of their summer vacation, it is to purchase a tourist tour in one of the hotels in the small, coastal Aqaba city. And although the way from the Jordanian capital, where the country’s only international airport, to Aqaba «only» 350 kilometers, the journey is worth it, because the sandy shore of the sea, and its azure water will not replace nor a «jacuzzi» or illuminated pool with sea water on site.
Aqaba is the best place to find 2

Due to its location Aqaba his entire six-thousand-year history is a piece of cake for many conquerors and repeatedly changed its jurisdiction, and political affiliation. However, since January 8, 1952, when Jordan became an independent state, Aqaba became one of the administrative units of the state and come to grips with the economy, developing the marine trade and tourism.
Aqaba is the best place to find 3

Today the Aqaba city, a fairly large number of hotels, restaurants and bars, which are located in coastal, sandy beaches that stretch along the coast by as much as 27 kilometers.
Aqaba is the best place to find 4

It is worth noting that in contrast to similar beaches in the same Turkey or Israel, much of Aqaba beaches are free, but they have not only protection, but also the rescuers. And given the fact that the average Aqaba temperature never drops below 22 ° C even in the winter, which in turn makes the waters of these beaches grace the edge for diving.
Aqaba is the best place to find 5

In addition to this tourist mecca Aqaba making and the fact that the city is a zone of free trade. So, many of our fellow citizens spending their summer vacation in Aqaba, it can combine business with pleasure, taking up not only exotic diving in the Red Sea shallow waters, but also good shopping in the huge number of superstores, boutiques and street markets, where you can buy almost everything that only can be delivered in this blessed land.