Spires Park picture in Wulingyuan

China! The majority of travel enthusiasts familiar with this amazing country. These tend to come and nature lovers, and lovers of monuments and lovers of monuments. Oh so Historically, the Celestial Empire is very rich in such objects. One of these beautiful places Wulingyuan, or, as it is called, the park picture.
Spires Park picture in Wulingyuan 2

Immediately I must say that the park is part of the mountain Ulinshan system and is located in the northwestern part of Hunan Province, and is included in the list of natural and cultural heritage by UNESCO. And the name of Avatar Park, this reserve was because the famous director James Cameron in the mountains of this unique sanctuary took the invoice to his no less famous film called Avatar.
Spires Park picture in Wulingyuan 3

This reserve is notable for its incredible beauty spiers created by nature itself. Today, visitors watch an amazing picture. A huge number of rock spiers covered with vegetation. They appeared as a result of years of weathering of soft rock, such as limestone and sandstone. Thus, with the help of wind, water and sun it was formed more than three thousand peaks of the most unique and incredible shapes.
Spires Park picture in Wulingyuan 4

The enormity of this natural reserve proves they occupied the area, and it’s not much is not enough — 369 square kilometers. In addition to a huge number of spiers, here you can also see and visit more than forty caves, each of which is unique and is a masterpiece of natural architecture. Amazing panorama can be opened with any vertex, there can be seen a river, lake with mirror embroidery, waterfalls, big and small.
Spires Park picture in Wulingyuan 5

Talking about these beautiful places, it is difficult to keep silent about the diversity of flora and fauna. It’s no joke to say that the mountains have become a haven for many endangered species, including more than thirty species are endemic. And if we talk about the plants, here the figures are even more impressive, as more than 3,000 species of rare plants in the park is guarded.