Orthodox church of the mosaic city

Specificity trip to Jordan is that much of the attractions of the country, which in varying degrees, are worthy of attention, most notably the religious history of this region. This is not surprising, because it is in this area originated and developed all the major, global religious movements that gave the basis for the development of world culture.Orthodox church of the mosaic city 2

There was an exception in this regard and the city of Madaba, located 35 kilometers from the capital, Amman, Jordan. Founded in prehistoric times, before coming to the territory of the Roman conquerors, Madaba was known as the Moabites and the Nabataeans. However, in 63 BC, the Roman authorities judged somewhat differently, and the ancient city got its present name and was attached to the Syrian province.
Orthodox church of the mosaic city 3

Since that time, and began commercial and cultural development of Madaba. The Romans built a large number of residential and public buildings, temples and other objects, so to speak, «large and small architectural forms.» A «Golden Age» of Madaba came in 6-7 century, during the Byzantine period. Then the city, by the decision of the Roman power and the emperor Justinian I, transformed into a center of Christianity, and in Madaba appeared Christian bishop, as well as magnificent churches, temples and cathedrals, the main of which is the St. George Church, the most ancient and revered among the laity and pilgrims.
Orthodox church of the mosaic city 4

Built back in the six hundredth years of the Orthodox Church of the mosaic of the city (the Church of St George) to date in its original form was not preserved, as it was completely destroyed by an earthquake 746 years. Only in 1880, the Christian community has regained its almost intact. At the same time the main attraction of St. George Church are left with yustinianskih era mosaic floors, central part of which displays a map of the Holy Land of VI century.
Orthodox church of the mosaic city 5

It is also worth noting another fact, present in the Church. The right of the icon of St. George hanging from the entrance, killing the snake. Almost an exact copy of the coat of arms of Moscow with some additions …