Carved out of the rock temple of Kailasa

Today, it’s hard to surprise someone with any architectural design. Particularly, with regard to the past. Because travelers think they have all traveled and already know everything about everything. What is now being built, will also become possible once the monuments, so of them are not going to talk. Indeed, in our time, there is still a lot of monuments of ancient culture and architecture, which can lead to the delight of most travelers, the exception does not become and scientists.Carved out of the rock temple of Kailasa 2

Now try to explain all of the above … The fact is that in India there is the temple of Kailasa. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that at once and you can not tell what type of culture or architecture should be attributed. After all, it is all up to the last detail hollowed out of a monolithic rock, using only picks and a hammer. A rock is of pure basalt.
Carved out of the rock temple of Kailasa 3

The temple belongs to the caves of Ellora, it about, forty kilometers from the city of Aurangabad. Even difficult to imagine how to perform the construction of the temple. They came here people first all planned, and it was done at the highest level. It only remains a mystery with the help of, any tools and devices of this has been achieved. After all, the temple is an exact geometric shapes, exceptional location, with respect to the cardinal. The only thing that I had to break the — this is the entrance to the temple. Given the location of the cliff, the entrance had to do with the western side.
Carved out of the rock temple of Kailasa 4

Following this came the rock work and began to work miracles with a hammer and picks. This forest workers even did not need. After all it hollowed out gradually and systematically. First sculpted dome then all the premises with windows doors, with all kinds of animal figures and scenes of life. All this was done with the deepening and I must say that the error could not be here at all. So how to fix them was not possible.
Carved out of the rock temple of Kailasa 5

It was built in such a way, or probably true to say hollowed temple of Kailasa. The dimensions are impressive. The mere fact that the creation of such a masterpiece should have been deeper — is already causing excitement. The courtyard where the temple is located, is 58 meters long and 58 meters wide. At the very same temple length of 55 meters. A temple was built more than 100 years. Here’s a monument to set up the Indian masters.