Pyramids Greece

Today in Greece there are so much pyramids, that recently, scientists have been unable to find agreement among themselves, as there are a lot of facts that do not want to open public structures of mysterious origin.Pyramids Greece 2

If you judge the size of the pyramids, which are in Greece, we can only say that they are much smaller than those that currently exist in Egypt. In addition, these pyramids are in such a state that it seems as if they just fall apart soon. Moreover, scientists still can not find a common language when it created these pyramids. Greece has until that was found about 26 pyramids, but who knows, maybe there are many more. So far have been well studied, only two of the pyramid, it’s Hellinikon and Liguria.
Pyramids Greece 3

Pyramid of Hellinikon, at the moment, is in the village of Elliniko in Argolida. Another writer Pausanias in the second century BC, described the exact location of the pyramid. His tales told that this place was set up in order to bury the residents of Argos. If we talk about the pyramid of Liguria, its ruins are located at the foot of Mount Arachne. The dimensions of the pyramid, is approximately 14h12 meters and her age, is also approximately 2100 BC. For the first time, the excavations were carried out in 1936 under the leadership of the American archaeologist R. Scranton.
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During the excavations were found ancient stone ax, and how researchers have determined, his age is 3000 BC. But, unfortunately, most of the stones were used for development, and therefore part of the story is lost forever.
Pyramids Greece 5

If we describe the pyramid in Greece alone, we will not be enough, and hundreds of pages, it is best to come here and see everything with your own eyes. This is truly a wonderful place that is remembered for a long time and leave a lasting impression. So we can only wish a pleasant journey and wonderful pictures from the excavation site, which is still underway