Dragon Bridge on the beautiful island

Taiwan is an island in the territory of the Pacific, which opened in the sixteenth century, the Portuguese and called «Formosa», which means in translation from the Portuguese «Wonderful.» In fact, the days of the sailors who noticed among water archipelago with beautiful scenery, was right: a chain of mountains and hills with lush exotic vegetation, canyons, valleys, lakes, rivers, the origins of which are in the mountains.

Dragon Bridge on the beautiful island 2

Not paying attention to the possible danger of earthquakes, tourists are attracted by the island in the country, an infinite number of monuments of architecture popular in China, Japan and the West, many temples, historical monuments, excellent climatic conditions, the identity of the people receiving the guests with friendliness.

Dragon Bridge on the beautiful island 3

It happened as a result of history, Taiwan has become the latest hotbed where the preserve the traditional culture of China, has undergone almost no change in the course of the twentieth century, when mainland China was subjected to enormous changes in the nature.

Dragon Bridge on the beautiful island 4

The coast on the east side of Taiwan celebrates the beauty of nature. The purity of the beaches of a few kilometers, completes an unexpected surprise in the form of a number of islands connected by a bridge is not entirely conventional.

Dragon Bridge on the beautiful island 5

Is Dragon Bridge of the arches between the several islands of small size. It ends on the largest, called Sansyatay. Translated this means the island of the three immortals. The name of the island has its own legend and has a direct relationship with the three hills located here. It tells the legend, three of the eight immortals have chosen this island as a place for recreation. After resting, the troika had left traces, which turned out to the hills. At first glance, the bridge may seem outdated. However, this is not right. He is only twenty-seven years. In all its complexity, Dragon Bridge, and consists of eight arches.