Museum optical illusion

Each of us visited the resort, she remembers not only what the city has many museums, or something else, but I want to do something memorable. For example, hold in your palm sun, to knock the tower, etc. Did you know that the Seoul Museum was created an interesting optical illusion. Not everyone may be able to make a real photo, where, for example, you go out of the picture a person or animal.

Museum optical illusion 2

This museum has a lot of fraudulent paintings and sculptures ghost that only one kind of attract. For example, the museum has the head of John the Baptist, which you can hold in your hand, and there is a picture in which you pop up a rider with a spear, and you can take a picture of himself as if he were aiming at you. Of course, for those who like something different, there is, for example a picture where you «type» pour the wine into a glass of rich men, etc.

Museum optical illusion 3

Also, there are illusions that are created in the whole room, that is, entering the room, you may find yourself upside down in space and «climb» on the ceiling and all the walls. The artist who painted it all, trying to create a two-dimensional image, which exists in several dimensions.

Museum optical illusion 4

Such pictures are drawn by amateurs, but professional engaged in this small number of people. Each illusion is created for those who appreciate the beauty of the figure and work of the manufacturer of these beautiful paintings. Of course, not everyone is like this illusion, but because no one is forcing anyone to do something against his will.

Museum optical illusion 5

To visit this museum illusions would like everyone who can afford to come to the resort to Seoul. Unfortunately, this possibility is not always and not everyone. If you can, then view photos and videos on the Internet a large number.