Cayan tower – Infinity skyscraper

Infinity tower – such name fastened to the building during the time of its construction. However, when in 2013 the construction was completed, it became the eighth building by height in the world; and the community learned its real name – «Cayan Tower». This decision was made by its owners because such a unique construction needs not less unique name.

Cayan tower  Infinity skyscraper 2

There are about a dozen skyscrapers in the world with the first-name «Infinity». And despite the name Cayan was given to it in honor of the name of a company-builder «Cayan Real Estate Investment», where Cayan is the name of one of the forefathers of the company. Anyway, it sounds quite authentic and inimitable.

Cayan tower  Infinity skyscraper 3

Thus, it’s worth mentioning that in distinction from its not less famous fellows, Infinity Tower has one, unique architectural trait. By a strange decision of an American architectural agency Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, the top of the tower is turned on 90 degrees with respect to its basis.

Cayan tower  Infinity skyscraper 4

If you are destined to see the tower, it’ll be interesting for you to know that the building of this type is in a class by itself «twisted» skyscraper a little less than 300 meters high. Cayan tower has properly outmarched one more «twisted» Sweden skyscraper HSB Turning Torso that is only 190 meters high.

Cayan tower  Infinity skyscraper 5

There are 495 elite flats that have flown off the shelf before the construction was finished. The price of one flat reached several million dollars, in addition to it, the client received a small parking for about 500 cars. So, in the end we are observing the whole picture why the project is so unique. Unfortunately, the biggest part of the people, coming to Dubai, can not stay in the Cayan Tower, though they may enjoy its appearance from afar.