Ancient towns of Caroline Islands: Nan-Mandol

It’s already old-fashioned to have rest on the coast of warm, blue sea or to go skiing from the mountains. The thing that is in trend right now is to visit ancient towns and get self-enrichment by new impressions. The age-old architecture, the atmosphere of an ancient place will be better than any documentary film. All these will allow you to perceive the things that are hidden from average earth inhabitant.

Ancient towns of Caroline Islands Nan-Mandol 2

Ancient towns … very ancient

Nan-Mandol sights description will help the doubting tourists to make a decision. Exotic rest is a way not only to relax, but also to strain yourself, to get rid of all routine thoughts and to be absorbed in another world. The world of history and mystery, enigmas and discoveries, realization of the fact that this is a splendid world. So, the sights description of this ancient town starts with its location. It is in Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean.

Asian ancient towns always tickled the fancy of European tourists and explores. But Nan-Mandol surprised them all by its uniqueness and desolateness…

Ancient towns of Caroline Islands Nan-Mandol 3

Pacific Venice

The streets of the ruined old town look like channels. That’s why Nan-Mandol is compared with Venice. No one could go round all 800 stone buildings, temples, palaces and artificial lakes. Though the town design is old-fashioned it has no bas-relief specialties, while the 4 meter thick walls are based on enormous 15 meter high pillars. So you have to pit your wits against the mystery why the ancient Micronesians needed such sizes. Although, if we remember Andrew Makarevich story, when he with his colleagues have found human bones underwater. These bones were two times bigger than the ones of an ordinary human being. It makes explainable the height of Nan-Mandol buildings.

Ancient towns of Caroline Islands Nan-Mandol 4

The Nan-Louvas building brings exceptional astonishment. Its walls are like rings and inside it has a moat and a pyramid mound. The reason why it was created and the way of transporting the material (basalt) still remain secrets that, to this day, remain undivulged. The legend goes that the gods have built Nan-Mandol on the place of Hanimveiso, the town that has gone underwater. The channels were made by dragons, stone slabs were brought by air. Therefore everyone who loves mythological stories may experience them by visiting Nan-Mandol.

Ancient towns of Caroline Islands Nan-Mandol 5

Travel report!

All people without any exceptions love to be surprised and astonished. Even very skeptical people may change their minds under the evidence of mysterious place of our planet. Having visited Nan-Mandol once a tourist takes a risk of falling in love with these unusual places once and for all. So one will have more adventures full of positive and exciting emotions. That’s why a tourist may help the other people to realize that the world is much more interesting, than it seems to be from the first sight by simply writing a travel report.