Resorts Africa

Among the huge variety of tourist offers, the resorts of Africa are becoming more popular every year. Outside of competition, of course, remains Egypt, but other areas of beach and even skiing holidays are in great demand among lovers of exotic, pristine beaches and pristine nature.

Which of the following would not be the best resorts in Africa?

Resorts in Africa can meet all the requirements of even the most inveterate tourists:

here there is a suitable resort for fans of beach holidays (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa),

for fans of excursions (the famous Pyramids, the ruins of Carthage, Orthodox temples of Ethiopia),

for extreme and «green» (national parks in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania),

for connoisseurs of leisure at the European level (Johannesburg, Cape Verde),

as well as for tourists wishing to spend time in silence and unity with nature (Namibia and Algeria).

And, believe me, the list can be continued and expanded for a long time …

Ski Resorts in Africa

Strangely enough, but in the list of offers of many travel companies today you can find the opportunity to go on a trip to the ski resorts in Africa. True, there are only two such resorts and the differences between them are striking. Not far from Fez there is a resort called Mischliffen. The resort’s service, of course, is zero, but it still enjoys popularity, mainly among fans of independent and uncomfortable rest. The snow slopes in Mischliffen are far from ideal, the lifts are all two, and those do not work, and the rental offers only old and rusty equipment.

The second ski resort — Oukaïmden — is the best offer for tourists who want to enjoy a full-fledged service, ride on quality snow-covered descents and at the same time use all the services at a relatively low price. In Oukaïmden there is a cable chairlift, bars, hotels, equipped parking, rental of ski equipment for beginners and professionals.

Resorts of southern Africa

The pristine nature of the continent perfectly harmonizes with the high-quality service. The cleanest sandy beaches and warm waters of the Indian Ocean make a holiday on the coast of South Africa (this highly developed country in the tourist plan, located in the very south of Africa) is simply unforgettable.

Port Elizabeth — one of the most sought after resort cities in South Africa. The length of the ocean coast here reaches 40 km. At the peak of the season (March-April), the water temperature in the coastal zone reaches 20 ° C. In addition, do not forget about other resorts in southern Africa, for example, the city of Durban …