Holidays in Egypt

So it happened historically, but over the last one and a half and two decades the holiday in Egypt has turned for some part of our compatriot into some foreign «summer residence», which you can easily go on weekends and closer to the evening of Sunday to return to your native penates. As on Monday again to work in anticipation of another Friday.

Rest in Egypt is not only the pyramids of Giza

Taking into account the rather democratic price policy of tour operators, as well as the owners of tourist centers, rest in Egypt, for many of our compatriots became a kind of «first» step for the beginning of a great journey into the boundless world of fascinating adventures and knowledge of the peculiarities of the Far Abroad countries. And so it happened, but opening almost any information devoted to such a topic as a trip to Egypt, we are trying to present all the delights of this ancient state only as the ancient Egyptian pyramids and historical artifacts of the Cairo Museum.

However, the tourist map of Egypt is much richer and full of impressions than it can fit into several articles of textual information and several photos of Egypt displaying all the same Egyptian pyramids and the famous Sphinx. Tours to Egypt are given much more, because there are beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean and Red Seas, as well as a real desert within Hurghada. At the same time, it should be noted that Egypt’s hotels, unlike a significant number of their colleagues in neighboring countries, differ not only in the rather high level of hotel service, but also in fairly democratic prices for all types of services provided.

Egypt: a spring holiday is the best solution for a regular holiday

As many tourist guides on this North African country note, the best option for planning a regular holiday in Egypt is to rest in the spring. This kind of inference, due to the fact that a large part of Egypt prevails, the so-called tropical climate, at least leads to the fact that summer in Egypt is a fairly hot period of the year.

Even if you even spend your summer vacation on the shores of the Mediterranean or Red Sea, then here you can feel the summer heat and the proximity of the desert. So, that holidays in May and earlier months are often called the most favorable period of the year, both for travel to the same Egyptian pyramids and comfortable pastime on the beach.