Kruger Park, Eco Hotel Singita

Republic of South Africa, is famous for its park Kruger, in which today is known for eco-friendly hotel Singita. In order to visit this hotel, the tourist will have to pay for a room that costs $ 2,000 per day. But the important thing is that this price includes absolutely everything that a hotel can offer, in addition to alcoholic beverage such as champagne.

Kruger Park Eco Hotel Singita 2

Of course, in view of its elegant, the hotel is most visited by the people who have money. In order to motivate the client, the hotel has a specially designed golf course. For the most sophisticated visitors can head to the side of wildlife and to taste it all, inside and out.

Kruger Park Eco Hotel Singitaм 3

Today, the hotel is famous for the fact that it often comes the legendary golfer Tiger Woods. Coming to this hotel, do not look at the fact that the building has a stylish look, it’s different inside. That is, each room is decorated with local wood and black inside creates a lasting impression of minimalism. In addition, the visitor can sleep in the room, he has the opportunity to spend an unforgettable night on the balcony.

Kruger Park Eco Hotel Singita 4

And who among us has not dreamed to spend a beautiful night, surrounded by only the stars themselves. Perhaps this is what attracts the attention of tourists to the hotel. Also, in its territory, from 1925 to 1994, it is a hunting reserve. But let there began not so long ago. For those who love a show like Safari, you can find the top five most sought after animals. That is, it is the elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and even an animal, like a rhino.

Kruger Park Eco Hotel Singita 5

In addition, for those who are very passionate about hunting, you can engage in sports shooting, to go fishing or even just to go to the village, which is located nearby. This village is famous for its tribes shangaan. So that when he returned to the island, tourists spend unforgettable days.