Memphis is an ancient city in Egypt

Arriving in Egypt can not visit one of the oldest cities in the country is the Memphis city. Until the XIII century BC city founded by King Minh Inebu-called hedge – which means «white walls». Later the town was renamed in Memphis. For many centuries it was the commercial, administrative, cultural and religious center of the world.

Memphis is an ancient city in Egypt 2

With the founding of Alexandria, it is time to decay. Memphis residents flocked to the new settlement. But the greatest damage to the city has received at the hands of Arab conquerors, who used lime walls of the palace and temples to suit your needs.

Memphis is an ancient city in Egypt 3

The history begins with the founding of Memphis during the reign of Dynasty I. Because of its location on the west bank of the upper reaches of the Nile, he became a strategic stronghold of the pharaohs. By the importance of the city need to include the fact of its location on the border between the two kingdoms, which was reflected in one of the names that gave him the ancient Egyptians – Libra Both Countries. The ruins of the ancient capital are 19 km away. from the tourist and cultural center of Egypt – Cairo.

Memphis is an ancient city in Egypt 4

Currently, there are still excavations are conducted. From the city made open-air museum, where every visitor can get acquainted with the architecture of ancient times. During excavations, archaeologists have discovered two statues of Ramses. One, made of red granite, for restoration was moved to Cairo, and the second, made of sandstone, remains in place. Another exhibit, which one can not look – the alabaster sphinx. It weighs about 8 tons and a length of 4 meters. Part of the city belongs to a private person, and is planted with palm trees, which complicates further excavations.

Memphis is an ancient city in Egypt 5

Memphis is a very popular tourist destination, why not buy a tour here is the big problem. But to get to these places and you can own. It is constantly sent from Cairo shuttle buses. For a comfortable trip can take a taxi or rent a car.