Mogadishu city, Somali pirates

Scary to think that in any country there is a relentless war in which people are killed and the country of Somalia. Local residents can not sleep peacefully, they constantly need to keep the gun in his hands, as their lives are constantly in danger. That’s because on the shores of Mogadishu constantly wielded by pirates, who not only rob civilians, they can easily take them prisoner, or worse kill. Because the machine in hand, it’s not a toy, but a means to save his life.

Mogadishu city Somali pirates 2

Mogadishu city has become accustomed to the fact that they constantly attack and for some, the violence that occurs almost every day, is already commonplace. How can you avoid such recklessness. It’s the same living people. What is most interesting, these people are beautiful, slender and inflated. But they do not even live up to 30 years, as they are simply killed. The worst thing is that the pirates simply not possible in any way to fight as well as get rid of the one immediately appear in their place others. And so it is for centuries.

Mogadishu city Somali pirates 3

The most opposite, that these pirates do not stop not before than, they do not care who to kill, young women or children. They need to capture their prey. This war provokes people to leave, but rather flee from Mogadishu, because they still want to live.

Mogadishu city Somali pirates 4

If we take for example, only last year, the city has left more than 100 thousand people. But here they waited for unforeseen circumstances. Now, instead of bullets, they could get every day, there is a risk of dying of thirst.

Mogadishu city Somali pirates 5

Bad and the fact that the UN is absolutely nothing to do and can not cope with the pirates. Even can not guarantee the life of the people who run away from the city. Since they can not know at what time the pirates attacked the ship or the town. And how long will all this last? This question can not answer no. One can only bitterly to monitor the situation and raise his hands in despair. We must try to believe the best, but this city is truly the worst in the world, who do not want even one eye look.