African countries of Rwanda

The Civil War is the worst event that could only happen in the world. That’s just so awful and occurred in Rwanda. In the Kigali city, lived about 10 million people, and the population density was large enough. That is, one square meter, it was 421 people count. But someone is obviously not liked, and in 1994 was carried out the coup.

African countries of Rwanda 2

To power on while it’s interim government, which made genocide, to the people a little diminished. And the worst thing is that just a few months, to be exact, more than a million people were killed in 100 days. And the question is for what?

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Terrible million figure, but even worse to realize that killing people is five times higher than those committed by the Germans. This wide-scale disaster that affected all people. How would it not sound cruel, but the country was just full of corpses and rivers of blood flowed. It happened before that time, as the UN knew about it. But the contrary, they are also not much and then rush to the rescue. Although everyone who was involved in the atrocities are punished and imprisoned Gitarama. At that time, it was the most crowded and unsanitary prison on the planet.

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Barak, who is in the prison, are designed for a limited number of people, but rather 500 and now there are about 6000 people. In prison, hunger and chaos reigns. Because there were even occasions when cellmate cellmate could eat, but such cases are rare. Lie almost nowhere because frequent rotting feet and other extremities. So in this prison will never get better.

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You can draw only one conclusion that Rwanda – a country where it is better to comply with the laws, or getting into a prison, you can simply wait for his verdict. Do not do that, what then would have to pay very cruel. Truly scary place around the globe, even scary to think about it.