Jurassic Park Serengeti

Tanzania is probably the most unique state, which is in East Africa. Tanzania is unique in that only here you can see one of the highest volcanoes in Africa and it is Kilimanjaro. Also, here is the largest lake on the continent, this is Victoria. In addition, there is a lake, which is the deepest and it Tanganyika. And also, do not forget about the unique nature park Serengeti.

Jurassic Park Serengeti 2

Some scholars have called the country the cradle of mankind. And not only because there are many unique places, but also because there found the remains of homo habilis. If you ever want to look at the remains, you will need to visit the Olduvai Gorge.

Jurassic Park Serengeti 3

Beautiful nature reserve, which in a sense refutes any suggestion that Noah’s Ark was on Mount Ararat. Since not only the scenery, but also the inhabitants of the country themselves, direct proof of the fact that the first place where Noah stopped. This Ngorongoro, the oldest volcano of all, that only exist in Africa, it is more than two million years. And according to its size, at the time, it exceeded even Kilimanjaro. Once it was the eruption of the volcano has fallen off the tip, and the volcano has turned into a huge pit. Today, it is the largest pit, which has been preserved from the volcano. The diameter of the hole is 20 kilometers away.

Jurassic Park Serengeti 4

Due to the fact that the weather is changeable, there were forests, marshes, lakes, grasslands and savannah and. In order to get inside the crater, you will need to climb the mountain, whose height is 2700 meters. In order to explore all you need is the car, or in any way. On the territory there are over 25 thousand different animals. This crater can easily be called Jurassic Park, so all the unusual and get lost here.

Jurassic Park Serengeti 5

The location is unique and unusual in its structure and location. Where else can you find such an amazing place on earth where the entire history of humanity gathered on the same continent.