The mythical Heraklion city

The legends of the sunken Atlantis know very many people in the world. And someone they grasp that the travelers possessed by the idea of going to find the sunken city and go looking for him. A lot of people are trying to find this mythical city, but so far, though managed to establish alleged place of flooding, it does nothing.

The mythical Heraklion city 2

Atlantis has not yet been found, but other interesting sunken city were discovered. And as it turned out a lot of cities. One of them is practically the same as was described in Atlantis myths and giving. But it turned out that it is absolutely real city that really submerged and for more than twelve centuries could not be found. This ancient Heraklion city.

The mythical Heraklion city 3

This city is called the sea gates of Egypt. It is believed that its founder was himself Alexander the Great, who laid the city in 331 BC. Heraklion has developed very quickly and in fact actively stayed here all merchant ships. And it was a huge impetus to the development. Moreover, the development of a diverse, both economic and educational. This is indicated by many of the findings raised from the seabed.

The mythical Heraklion city 4

The importance of this port city, you can imagine. It is in this beautiful and rich city of crowned Queen Cleopatra. It was possible to raise from the seabed ancient writing. How do become aware of the lush and frequent festivals that attracted here know Egyptian. In Heraklion study it becomes just as clear that the city is famous for its temples in the whole of Egypt. Temples there were several, and all of them were built in honor of the Greek and Egyptian gods.

The mythical Heraklion city 5

Discover this ancient city was in 2000, one of the most famous researchers of the underwater world Goddio Franco. Then, under his leadership, the scientists of America, France and of course Egypt underwater excavations have produced and studied more than 500 square kilometers area in the Bay of Aboukir. The work of this group was a success, it was discovered a stele of black granite, which splashed the word «Heraklion». As soon as the city suffered from the mythical into the real.