The disputed island Mgingo

The island of small size called Mgingo, which is in Africa on Lake Victoria, is still a disputed territory between Kenya and Uganda.

The disputed island Mgingo 2

Today, the island is densely populated, that is, the island is home to about 130 people. The island is 2000 square meters. People live in huts and ordinary basic sustenance is fishing. To some it may seem that this is not life and fishing will not earn much, but it is not, the weekly income is more than three earnings of Africans who live in neighboring countries.

The disputed island Mgingo 3

For the first time on the island Mgingo people appeared in 1991, it was two Kenyan fisherman and George Dalmas. After that, they pulled up another 60 Africans from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The main catch is that now there are on the island, is the Nile perch. Unfortunately, in 2009, the number of people on the island is said to have reached a critical level, and therefore, the founders themselves have stopped taking new settlers to the island.

The disputed island Mgingo 4

The locals are quite happy with the way earn a living, and whoever liked to have a week in pocket $ 250. By the way, that the two countries can not divide the island. There have been several wars since nowhere and did not result because they decided after all to agree. Now, as Kenya and Uganda, island residents have to pay 25 percent of the earnings of fishermen, as well as 10 per cent of the fact that the island was protected, etc. That is about 60 percent of earnings go to pay for their freedom. But even this does not prevent them to live the way they want it.

The disputed island Mgingo 5

In addition, the island has four brothels, five bars and several hotels, a pharmacy and a beauty salon. That is, men are engaged in fishing and women work with your body. Stranger here can be no more than a day, such is their law.