Unique oasis guelta d’archei

If anyone knows, the Sahara Desert is the largest on earth. What is the precise area of the desert, yet no one can say. It was in the desert, at the moment, the largest oasis located guelta d’archei. These oases appear because there are underground water, which in turn provide food and water bodies.

Unique oasis guelta darchei 2

Almost every day, lead the camels here to drink, that they not only quench your thirst, but also for them to rest. Since it is good to use camels for long journeys across the desert. Transfer the name Oasis, it sounds like «Clean Water», although it is not so.

Unique oasis guelta darchei 3

In fact, the color of the water in this oasis black, it can be compared with the color of the oil. And, unfortunately, in addition to the animals themselves, this water use, no one can, and plus to this, the smell of the water is not the most pleasant. Some say that the water here was black, because there are too many animals that contaminate water. Or rather, a very large amount of manure. In this way, water is now a lot of algae, which feed on frogs and even fish.

Unique oasis guelta darchei 4

Also, you can see the Nile crocodile, which in turn is powered by the same fish and frogs and more. Nile crocodile is the last of the reptiles, which are in the desert, other reptiles are very difficult to meet.

Unique oasis guelta darchei 5

As we know, in the desert it is very frequent, sand storms, but this oasis perfectly protected. And all because he is at fault Ennedi Plateau, which in turn is located in the north-eastern Chad. To get here, you have to try hard, that is, for this you must be either a camel or jeep, in another way. But if you decide on this, believe me, you do it will never regret.