Namib is a desert elephants and fog

The African continent is rich of deserts. Contrary to popular belief, the desert is amazing ecosystem with unique animal and even plant life. They amaze scientists and researchers studying them for many years.

Namib is a desert elephants and fog 2

There is a south-western Africa amazing Namib desert. Particularly striking is that it is located almost on the Atlantic coast. Desert National Park relate to the Namib-Naukluft and is one of the oldest deserts in the world. Despite the fact that it is virtually uninhabited (some cities are located on the boundary), the Atlantic Ocean did their job and have chosen the coastal strip seals, birds and penguins are especially interesting.

Namib is a desert elephants and fog 3

Some plant and animal species are found only in the Namib Desert, for example Welwitschia, which can be several years due to stock water. And this is where you can find unique desert elephants.

Namib is a desert elephants and fog 4

Namib is also unique in that there are the world’s highest sand dunes, their height can reach 300 meters, and to fully enjoy the beauty of this is possible only with the bird’s-eye view. Another attraction of this desert basin Dead-Pour white clay. It was formed as a result of severe flood struck the desert, and for some time to revive her, resulting in increased Padin trees.

Namib is a desert elephants and fog 5When the climate changed again, sun dried up their stone condition. Trees in this form are nearly a thousand years. Despite the fact that Namib is extremely dry desert it is often shrouded in fog, they are formed as a result of the meeting of Bengal cold air flow and warm winds of the Atlantic. Once a year the fog becomes so dense that it carries into the desert.