Sergey Kirillov's house

Sergey Kirillov's house Sergey Kirillov's house

Not far from Yekaterinburg has a curious village of Kunar, where in the old wealthy merchants went to carouse. The old village was a small, but rich enough as all the village schismatic those times. There were Supryadki (women's gatherings, where the girls spun yarn) and general village gatherings. Kunar enjoyed bad reputation. Since ancient times, it is established an interesting craft – making counterfeit bank notes right at home.

Sergey Kirillovs house 2

The first thing that catches the eye passing through the city – a unique home, with crosses and church domes on the roof, riders on horseback, carved bride and groom, doves, kittens and children. And all this splendor among the hundreds of forged all kinds of colors and a variety of cute little animals. Near the entrance to the porch – carved out of wood emblem of the USSR. The first impression – it created the child hands. All this color and splendor crowned with carved lines from the song: «Let it be always MAMA. Let there be peace!»

Sergey Kirillovs house 3

This house has got family from grandfather to Kirillov quite sad condition and required a lot of repair. The house had to align, to put a new gate and hang the shutters, and as they say, went running. At first, the owner found the carved trim on the shutters, then the gate adorned intricately carved. Next, on the roof there were flowers. So slowly, every year something was done, and added beauty.

Sergey Kirillovs house 4

Anyone can go to the fence, and a closer look at this miracle. Tellingly, for many years, has never Sergey Kirillov's house was not robbed or damaged. Not seen rising hand at such beauty. To get to the village of Kunar possible on the old path, passing from Yekaterinburg through Nevyansk and Nizhni Tagil. It is about 75 kilometers from Yekaterinburg.

Sergey Kirillovs house 5

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