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Many probably more than once you have faced such a problem as a vacation? Where to start, where to go, where to spend the summer? Let's talk with you about one magnificent island - the Maldives. Who among you has ever dreamed of visiting him? Naturally dreamed, because the beauty of this island is impossible not to admire!

Paradise for tourists – Maldives

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The capital of Maldives is considered to be the island of Male. The common language on the island is English, which is especially convenient for tourists, as there is no language barrier. The island is dominated by the monsoon climate. In this regard, the temperature in the air is about +30 Celsius, and the water temperature is +28. Maldives is an ideal place for tourism, because you can relax here throughout the year. But it is desirable to have a rest during the period from November to April, as in the period from May to October here the rainy season begins. The rainy period is mainly at night, and therefore the climate during this period is very humid.

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Rest in the Maldives is a paradise for tourists. This is a magnificent nature, turquoise transparent water, snow-white sand, tourist lodges located above the sea surface. A magnificent underwater world, from which breathtaking. People come here to relax from the city's bustle, especially an ideal holiday for someone who works a lot. Walk on the beach, sunbathe, admire the magnificent sunsets. Tasting their national dishes and listening to live music.

Entertainment and recreation

There are no excursions here, as they are mostly of a nature nature. The only advantage is the excursion, the so-called "Photo-Flight". It involves flying over islands on a seaplane, which opens a magnificent view of the islands. Also, there is the opportunity to go fishing for your own pleasure, to drive to the nearby islands - to observe what the locals are doing. The island has a rich underwater world. For fans of surfing and diving - this is an ideal place.

Diving is an underwater sport that allows you to dive into water with special underwater equipment. To dive, you do not have to be a pro in this business. It is suitable for any beginner, since on the island there is for this special training. If, after the first immersion in the water, you feel that this is to your liking, then for professional training on the island there are special schools for divers. The certificate, which is given at the end of this course, will allow you to dive into the water around the world.

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Surfing is a popular sport, it involves riding on waves on special boards. Maldives is considered the most popular place among surfers. The waves here are different, but they reach their peak in the summer. This is the most wonderful surfing, since the height reaches up to 2.5 meters.

Maldives is undoubtedly the best vacation in the world - they will perfectly suit tourists who dream of enjoying the greatest beauty of nature. The island is ideal for a romantic relationship and a great place for visiting newlyweds. This is one of the most chic, unforgettable places of the country itself, where it would be desirable to return again and again.

How to get there?

Regular flights to the Maldives are carried out from Moscow. Airlines "Aeroflot" and "Transaero" perform direct flights. The total flight lasts about 9 hours. You can also fly with transplants, which is not convenient for everyone, since the flight time takes longer.

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