Rest in winter

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In our time, rest in winter can be held in different ways. Some want to ski and devote themselves to winter sports, and others would not mind to luxuriate in the sun on the sand. Winter - a time when you want a fairy tale, so you need to rest so that it is remembered.

Best winter rest

From one point of view, the best rest in winter is spent time somewhere in a snowy place, saturated with clean air, frost and the atmosphere of the holiday. On the other hand - I want to escape from a cold city, and fly to warm countries. We will talk about the merits of each of these types of recreation.

Winter rest, as well as possible affects the human body. When he is dipped from winter into a better winter - this is much better than the contrast of winter and summer. After all, for a person who is rebuilding for the winter regime, it is very difficult to survive a two-week tour in Egypt or Greece and this can have a bad effect on health.

Where to rest in winter

If you are worried about the question of where to rest in winter, then there are lots of options. Fans of winter holidays can visit any country, in which there are stunning ski resorts. This could be Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Bulgaria. In these countries, a large number of resorts, and recreation will not be too expensive.

You can spend your holidays in the ski resort as one, devoting yourself to skiing, and with your family. Agree, the children will be very happy with you to make a snowman or play snowballs. Sledging, skating, evenings by the fireplace, will give a festive mood to all family members.

Where to go in winter for holidays

Fortunately, for many people, rest in winter can be held not only in a snow-capped city, but also in warm countries. Therefore, the question of where to go in winter for vacation, is relevant for those who want to get out of a cold city in one of the warm countries. One of the most popular places, of course, is Egypt. He won the location of many tourists with excellent service and democratic prices.

Rest on the sea in winter will allow a person to relax, plunge into their thoughts, forget about the cold and just enjoy the rest. By the way, at the sea you can spend your winter holidays with your child, as a rule, in warm countries where there are many tourists, excellent conditions for children. You can choose where you want to spend your vacation at sea. It can be Thailand, Maldives, Canary Islands. In each of these places there is a peaceful atmosphere that will allow you to forget about all problems.


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Rest in december

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A great way to escape from the cold weather in a warm place is to rest in December. The first month of winter for someone is the beginning of a winter fairy tale, and for someone a time to relax. It is this month, many people are starting to think about leaving to the warm regions away from the vile weather.

Rest in December

Many tourists who prefer to relax in places such as Goa or Bali, a desire to visit your favorite resorts in December. Despite the fact that many tourists seek to get to warm countries, there are those who want to spend time at ski resorts. By the way, in the beginning of December skiers have an excellent opportunity to go to the resorts of Italy, because there just opens the ski season.

It will be an excellent holiday in December in Thailand. If you are wondering where to spend your vacation in December, Thailand will be the most appropriate answer. Here everyone has the right to choose how to spend his rest. It can be excursions or rest on the sea. Thailand in December will meet every tourist with warm sunshine, excellent sea and snow-white sand.

Where to go in December

If you plan to spend an active holiday, then you better spend your holidays in the mountains. Do not forget that in such cases you need to take very warm things with you, because in the mountains the air temperature can be even zero degrees. If you plan a beach vacation, then naturally you need to take bright fashionable swimsuits and go swimming.

Thinking about where to go to rest in December, many want their vacation to be active. In this, tourists will benefit from the northern regions of Thailand. Here in December, they ski and snowboard. And if you are suddenly tired from the cold, you can always go back to the south and bask in the sun.

Rest on the sea in December

Rest in December can be for every tourist is not too expensive. After all, as a rule, in December there are not so many tourists, so you will be welcomed at the resorts of Egypt. This is an ideal time for those who wish to be alone with their thoughts. If you are going to explore the deserts, you should wear glasses, because the eyes can get sand.

Recreation at sea in December will be the best option. It's time to rest from the ugly cold and sunbathe in the sun. Also, at the sea you can plan a holiday with your child in December, because hotels offer a lot of entertainment for kids, and because of the small number of tourists, your child is given due attention.

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Rest in january

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For Russian citizens, January has always been considered a popular tourist season because of the long winter holidays. Therefore, rest in January abroad is very popular among our compatriots. For other countries, the beginning of January is considered an ordinary month, no different from the others.

Budget holidays in January

In popular holiday destinations in Russia, savvy foreigners realized that vacation in January could bring them additional profits, so they can start inflating prices for this period. But there are places where you can relax in January and quite budget. Book hotels in hotels in advance, preferably in a few months. Otherwise, you can be late, because the demand for this time is very large. Also, if you want to save extra money, it is better to plan the train yourself, and not through the travel agency.

An excellent holiday at sea in January can be in Egypt - one of the most popular tourist routes of Russians. All comers can go to the sun, the beach and the warm sea, forgetting for a while about the cold and cold. The weather at this time of year there is warm, but in the evenings it can be cool. The temperature of the sea usually does not happen below twenty degrees, so you can swim there quite comfortably.

Where to go in January with the whole family

Also very popular is Thailand. The daytime temperature in January reaches up to thirty degrees, the sea is also very warm. So bathing will bring pleasure. In addition to the warm beaches, January in Thailand is rich in other entertainment, for example, on various festivals and festivals. Each member of the family will find for themselves something interesting there, so Thailand is perfect for spending a holiday with a child in January in a comfortable environment.

Another route for Russian tourists is gaining popularity, where more and more of our compatriots are yearning to go in January - this is India. This is a very interesting and unique country, which has a unique culture and traditions. There are a lot of interesting places and sights to see. Various festivals are held here, where you can not only observe, but also participate in them. Also, India is an excellent resort, where you can relax all year round.

Change the situation and relax from the bustle, leaving from frosty Russia for a few days in warm regions, many wish. And January is great for fulfilling this desire. Noting New Year's holidays in an unusual and exotic place, you will for a long time remember the assured and vivid impressions of this trip.

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Rest in february

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If in January, the most festive month of the year, you did not manage to get out of rest - do not get upset. You can find a lot of great options, both with the benefit and pleasure of spending a first-class holiday in February. Tours this month are much cheaper than in January, and the number of tourists is significantly reduced. Many hotels make big discounts for this period.

Holiday in February and its variety

Everyone can choose from among the variety of tours that vacation in February, which is suitable for him. One of the popular options for this period is rest in Europe, where you can go to many ski resorts in February. Also there is an opportunity to purchase a combined tour, which will combine visits to mountain slopes and sightseeing of the chosen country.

Excellent ski resorts are located in Austria, Spain, France, Slovakia. One of the most popular European routes, where many people want to rest in February, is Italy. There is a huge number of ski resorts of varying complexity, which will suit for any level of skiing - from beginner to professional athlete. But you can find other entertainment. It is in February that the surprisingly beautiful famous Venetian carnival is held.

Holiday at sea in February

Egypt has long been a leader in Russian tourism. However, this holiday in February is more characterized as an excursion. At this time there are strong winds blowing, and the sea is cool enough. Therefore, in order to find a really comfortable holiday at sea in February, many go to Vietnam. Its beaches provide a warm sea and a bright sun. Here you can try yourself in any kind of water sports.

In order to spend a quiet and at the same time an interesting holiday with a child in February, many choose Tunisia. It is rich in a variety of entertainment, such as swimming pools, water parks or zoos. This is an ideal place for children. Also, children will not be bored in the resorts of India, for example, Goa, which is one of the most popular tourist routes.



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