The capital of Peru is Lima

The capital of Peru is Lima The capital of Peru is Lima

The location of the present capital of Peru, was chosen by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535 is not surprising, as the city is located on the Pacific coast had the opportunity to make staying in the metropolis merchant ships, and the presence of the deep, freshwater river Rimac enabled the residents of Lima do not limit yourself to drinking water.

The capital of Peru is Lima 2

Sloping mountain located near Lima was allowed fairly easy to get in the mountainous part of Peru, which is replete with all sorts of minerals. With this in mind, for several centuries, the city pretty rapidly developed as a commercial and economic centers of colonial America, which led to a fairly rapid construction of various buildings, ranging from luxury mansions Spanish nobility and ending in the same University of San Marcos, founded in 1551. And in spite of the devastating earthquake in 1746, considered one of the oldest universities in the South American continent. Today Lima is one of the largest cities in South America with a population of over eight million, not counting the population of the suburbs of the capital of Peru.

The capital of Peru is Lima 3

With this in mind, in Lima there is quite a big problem to the environment, namely, the purity of the air, because in Lima there is only ground transportation, as due to the high seismicity subway construction is simply impossible, and millions of old cars and buses emit millions of cubic meters daily poisoned air.

The capital of Peru is Lima 4

Lima can be proud of its beaches, which are located not only in the coastal city, but also in its suburbs. And despite a few cool water of the Pacific Ocean, on the beaches of Lima can be a good sunbathe and surf. And more proof of this is the fact that almost all the surfers of the world just wanted to ride in the coastal part of the Lima city.

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