Hotel Little Palm Island in Florida

Hotel Little Palm Island, which is located in Florida, on the right is a list of the most expensive hotels in the world. In order to stay in this hotel, you will need to pay at least 1.4 million dollars, but it worth to remember that the food here is not included. Because you have to pay separately for food and more. It is worth knowing that a small cup of coffee will cost you $ 7.

Hotel Little Palm Island in Florida 2

But what is important is that such price shall in no case does not deter celebrities. On the contrary, in this hotel such stars have been seen as Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock even. You can select any of the thirty bungalows, but each of them made a luxurious room. One, that there are no phones, but this is a private matter.

Hotel Little Palm Island in Florida 3

The hotel is famous for the fact that the beach is not just a sandy beach, but also very clean. For those who do not want to swim in salt water, there is a special pool. There is also a garden at the hotel, where you can have a great time, as well as a library Little Palm Island. And believe me, those wishing to visit her quite a lot.

Hotel Little Palm Island in Florida 4

Each suite has a separate living room, private veranda, which leads directly to the ocean. That is, after the day passed, you can safely go out to the porch and watch the sunset, or the night sky. For sports fans, here you can go diving or snorkelling. One, that the acceptable age for visitors, starting from 16 years. Since the owners believe that children at such resorts is not the place. Not because they are small, and because the people who come here, they believe, should be to completely relax.

Hotel Little Palm Island in Florida 5

To purchase in advance, you need to agree in advance the number. Since, though rooms and expensive, but they can be booked several months in advance. Rest is an integral part of our lives and we need to spend it usefully.

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