Pink Beach Harbor Island

Truly heaven on the Earth can be called Pink Beach Harbor Island in the Bahamas. Incredibly clean crystal water and amazing pink sand attracted to relax even Hollywood actors are seeking to buy a cozy house.

Pink Beach Harbor Island 2

In addition, you anywhere else in the world will not find a better place for diving. The azure sky and the sea, as well as a fabulous pink sand each will leave a lasting impression. To save the beach in its original form and to preserve its natural beauty on the beach and near the beach itself was completely prohibited any construction.

Pink Beach Harbor Island 3

On the beach there is nothing but majestic palm trees and sun loungers. The closest hotel is the famous Pink Sands Hotel, which is fairly easy to reach both by car and by boat from the North International Airport. On the road it will take a little more than 20 minutes. Consists hotel from more than 20 cottages fully merge with nature and carefully hidden in the shade of tropical gardens.

Pink Beach Harbor Island 4

To create for visitors the unique tropical pattern were intertwined incredible architectural traditions of India, Morocco and Bali. The interior of the hotel will not leave you indifferent. Everything is made exclusively from natural materials. European cuisine restaurant offers amazing views of the Pearl Beach at sunset and sunrise maddening travelers with its beauty.

Pink Beach Harbor Island 5

The beach itself, and the whole island Harbor is the perfect holiday destination in the Bahamas. Pink Sand Beach, a luxury resort and diving destination will not leave anyone indifferent. All the buildings and monuments of the island are historical. Tourists are invited to visit the cottage Dunmore, in the XVIII century is the home of the governor of the Bahamas. The ruins of the old fort, the prison, the old shipyard and many other monuments await visitors all year round.

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